Welcoming in Autumn at Watermarke Tower

September 8, 2023 | Lifestyle
Welcoming in Autumn at Watermarke Tower

Yes, yes we know summer doesn’t end until the 23rd- but fall is right around the corner! Autumn is home to cooler weather, Halloween, and pumpkin spice! But we are getting ahead of ourselves. September is the start of something new. Watermarke Tower encourages you to embrace it.  

First and foremost, let’s get outside and enjoy the summer weather, in any way you can! Anything from walking around our beautiful Watermarke Tower community to taking advantage of our sun deck, infinity pool, and serenity garden. Take your workouts outdoors or just relax while soaking up some vitamin D. 

After getting in your sunshine time, enjoy relaxing and the final lazy days of summer. Who says you can’t binge-watch your favorite tv show or movie trilogy? It’s the perfect time to rewatch The Hunger Games movies or catch up on those tv shows you’ve been meaning to watch. Whether you’re a reality tv fan and still haven’t watched The Traitors or finally catching up on the drama series Yellowjackets

Then, get yourself something new to wear. Like a buffalo plaid pajama set, button-up shirt, skirt, anything! You can also prepare your home for the cooler weather by finding the heavier and fluffier blankets, or with some seasonal decor. 

It may be hard to believe, but 2023 is two-thirds complete. Welcome in the autumn season as a fresh start and a new beginning for the final leg of the year. Make it one for the scrapbook.